We believe strongly in the value of communicating and sharing information and ideas.  This is where it happens, with some of our past newsletters and other information.  You can share your own viewpoints with us and others in the special Viewpoint Exchange area of this web site.
Green Interiors (Newsletter)
We consider sustainability and environmental sensitivity in all of our projects, and we have found that our clients strongly support this approach.
Design For Change (Newsletter)
We believe good architectural and interior design can help our clients cope with the rapid and increasing rate of change in today's world.
Designing A Web Site
You can't go through this without having something to share with others.  Here is some information we sure wish we had when we started this.  We've added a Postscript, with more suggestions from our experience.
Ceiling Plenum Acoustical Dilemma
This is a Viewpoints Research Report with our findings on one of the most important issues in interior design, acoustical privacy.
Good Budgets From An Architect? (Newsletter)
The trick to doing good budgets is to be realistic, which is apparently not easy for many firms.  We have had extremely an extremely good track record with our budgets.
Affordable Housing Looking For A Home (Newsletter)
This unique duplex design was done to make affordable housing fit in well in a neighborhood of large houses.
The Magic Ambrose Formula (Newsletter)
The biggest challenge in facilities programming is estimating the space needed for circulation, corridors and aisles.  We developed an empirical formula to do the job.
What Is Good Design Worth (Newsletter)
We believe good design can make a big difference in many ways.
Designers Without A Style (Newsletter)
We believe that a design should come from a client's needs and the community context, not from an architect's favorite style.

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