Space Planning Package
We have a unique package of space planning services designed to help developers lease office space.  It is designed to strongly support the marketing/leasing effort and meet the developer's needs, with an emphasis on quick response, sharp graphics, and the building's strengths, and input for estimating construction costs and developing the leasing strategy.  Here is a description of the services in our Space Planning Package.


Develop base plan on our CADD (Computer-Aided Design & Drafting) System as needed for space planning (not including existing partitions within tenant space). Meet with developer to discuss building standards and requirements.

Meet with the tenant to discuss space needs, desired location in building, anticipated growth, furniture/equipment requirements, functional relationships, etc. Determine space sizes & total area required for the tenant using a computer spreadsheet tabulation (see sample tabulation).

Discuss program results with developer or leasing agent, including usable area for the tenant and the tenant location in the building.

Develop space plan drawing, including all partitions, doors, furniture/equipment, and room names (see sample space plans). The space plan will be done with 1/4"=1'-0" scale unless a smaller scale in necessary to place the plan on a 24" x 36" sheet. All space plans will be done with our CADD System.

Calculate the usable area for proposed space plan, using the computer to automatically calculate the area from the CADD-generated space plan.

From the space plan, develop a tabulation of the quantities of partitions, doors, light fixtures, electric outlets and switches, and any special items required for use in estimating the cost of the tenant improvements (see sample tabulation).

Add color to a print of the space plan. Meet with the tenant to present the space plan, explaining how the plan responds to the program requirements and makes best use of the building's features. Provide a reduced-size copy of the space plan for copier reproduction, and a printed copy of the tenant improvement tabulation.

If necessary, provide one limited revision of space plan (including changing room names, moving partition between 2 spaces, etc.).

When there is more than one active space planning project, a Status Sheet is provided for the Client and Leasing Agent. The sheet describes the status of all active space planning and tenant improvement projects, and is updated whenever the status of any project changes.

If the Developer has retained Ambrose Design Group for all space planning for a building and base plans are available, the base plans will be revised after each new tenant commitment.

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