Here are the usual lists of services and project types.  But you will also find descriptions of some of our unique capabilities and experience.
Wide Range of Services
Yes, we can provide all types of architectural and interior design services, and here is the list.
Types of Facilities
Yes, we have experience and expertise with a wide range of project types, and here is the list.
Computer Capabilities
Extensive computer use permits us to deliver high-quality services on relatively large projects with demanding time constraints.
Space Planning Package
We have a unique package of space planning services designed to help developers lease office space.  It is designed to strongly support the marketing/leasing effort.
Complete Interior Design Services
With our extensive capabilities and experience in architecture, interior design, and facilities analysis, we are able to provide the complete range of interior design services.
ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Analysis
We have a package of ADA Analysis services that has proven very popular with asset managers and building owners.
Special Expertise in Facilities Analysis
Allen's unique experience and MBA degree and our extensive computer use provide the firm with special expertise in Facilities Analysis.

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