Interior Design Services
Here is a checklist of interior design services we offer, with the special resources/techniques we have available for the services.
Special ADG Resources/Techniques
Programming of Facilities Needs Computer Space Tabulation Models
Relationships Diagrams/Matrices
ADG Empirical Circulation Formula
Base Plans CADD System
Furniture & Equipment Inventory Furniture/Equipment Database System
Building Code Analysis Code Requirements Tabulation Model
Building Evaluation/Selection Selection Criteria & Evaluation Scorecard
Analysis of Alternatives Alternatives Analysis w/ Pros/Cons
Work Sessions w/ Possibility Cards
Stacking Diagrams & Block Plans
Space Planning & Concept Design CADD System
Design Sketches
Color & Finish Selection Working Display Boards
Furniture Selection Alternatives Analysis w/ Pros/Cons
Work Sessions w/ Possibility Cards
Working Drawings CADD System
Integrated Construction Manual
Bidding/Pricing Contractor Computer Data Base System
Construction Administration Construction Supplemental Info. Sheets
Client User Manual
Furniture Procurement CADD System
Furniture/Equipment Data Base System
Project Budgets Computer Spreadsheet Models
Work Sessions w/ Possibility Cards
Area Calculations BOMA Method (Usable/Rentable Area)
CADD Automatic Area Calculations
Project Scheduling Computer Scheduling Models

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