Computer Use

Ambrose Design Group utilizes state-of-the-art computer applications to provide higher quality services than would otherwise be possible in a small firm. They permit us to successfully deliver services on relatively large projects and on projects with demanding time constraints.  All staff are experienced with and use a wide range of software applications on each project, including Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), word processing, spreadsheet, project management & scheduling, and database management programs.  This heavy use of computers provides many benefits.

We have set up our CADD System to output drawings in ink, using a high-resolution and multiple line widths. This gives the drawings a crisp, professional appearance that provides an image of quality and credibility.

Once a drawing is created on our CADD System, we can revise it quickly and easily, without having to retrace any of the previous work. A clean, new ink and vellum plot can be made of the revised result. Revisions are a fact of life in space planning, and CADD can minimize the cost and time required.

Our high-powered CADD System allows us develop all of our floor plans as 3D models and to easily use the 3D CADD features in developing and refining our designs and in developing presentation slides and drawings.

Drawings developed on our CADD System can be utilized in many different ways to provide additional value while minimizing fee and time requirements. The floor plan developed for the space plan is also used in working drawings, even for the reflected ceiling plan and details. The floor plan can also be used for leasing configurations and area take-off plans.  The base plans developed for a tenant can be used for other tenants and/or other floors.

More and more of our clients, engineers, contractors, and consultants are also utilizing CADD. Our use of AutoCAD, the most prevalent software and output format used in the building industry, greatly facilitates the use of our CADD plans by others.

We have made extensive use of CADD for 14 years. Every design professional in the firm is trained and experienced in CADD, and each design professional has their own high-powered CADD station.  With this commitment and experience, we can provide a consistent, high-quality, productive CADD capability.

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