Projects in lists are cross-linked to photographs and drawings.
Project Team Information
We make information on current projects available on this web site so that project team members can access the information at any time.  You must have a Project Password to access this information.
Office Interior Design & Space Planning Projects
Here are a few of the hundreds of interior design and space planning projects we have completed.  Some of the projects have been done directly for tenants and owners and in other projects we were retained by developers to provide space planning for their office tenants.
Commercial/Institutional Projects
Our commercial/institutional projects have usually involved all 3 of our services-- architecture, interior design, and facilities analysis.  They include museum/gallery facilities, daycare centers, and special projects such as the Windsor Train Station.  
Housing Projects
Our housing projects have been multifamily, low & moderate income, projects in the Hartford Area, with both new construction and renovation projects.
Facilities Analysis Projects
We find that our special facilities analysis capabilities are useful on almost all projects, but here are some projects that involved special facilities analysis services.
Medical Projects
One of our specialties in recent years has been medical facilities, and some have involved sophisticated medical facilities requirements.
Food Service & Retail Projects
These projects include a number of special high-quality cafeteria type food service facilities for large office buildings.
ADA Analysis Projects
Our package of ADA Analysis services has been very popular with asset managers and building owners.  Here are a representative sample of the more than 30 buildings where we have provided the services.
Historic Restoration & Adaptive Reuse Projects
The Hartford area has many old, historic buildings, and we believe strongly that these buildings can play a vital and important role in the community if restored and renovated properly.

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