Facilities Analysis Projects
We find that our special facilities analysis capabilities are useful on almost all projects, but here are some projects that involved special facilities analysis services.

PARK PLACE ON THE GREEN, Waterbury, Connecticut

Greater Waterbury YMCA
Feasibility Study done with The Parisky Group to develop recommendations for reuse of the 3rd & 4th floors of the YMCA building in downtown Waterbury.  The study included assessment of the existing facility, development of facilities alternatives, .development of a detailed financial analysis for each alternative, use of the ADG scorecard technique for evaluating alternatives, and development of an action plan for implementing the selected alternative.  The selected alternative was 24 units of transitional housing for women and children.

THE MARITIME CENTER, Norwalk, Connecticut   (Drawing)
The Maritime Center at Norwalk
Facilities master plan for $20,000,000 expansion of 100,000 sq.ft. existing aquarium and museum facility. The project included: Assessment of existing facilities; Programmatic analysis of development possibilities; Site analysis; Development and evaluation of alternative expansion schemes, Phasing analysis; Budget analysis; and Development of master plan design drawings and documentation for the final report. Project was done in conjunction with a project planning consultant and economic impact consultant.

Veeder-Root Corporation
Complete space programming for relocation of 70,000 sq.ft. corporate office and research facility. The project included 7 organizational areas, space diagrams, relationship diagrams, qualitative requirements descriptions, and tabulations of space requirements. Area take-offs were done for the existing facility so that programmatic space needs could be compared to existing space being utilized.

Kaiser Permanente
Facilities analysis services to support renovation of existing 80,000 sq.ft. building for medical offices. Services included: Code & zoning analysis; Building assessment; Space programming; Stacking analysis; Block Diagrams; Acoustical Separation Analysis; Parking analysis; and Development of medical equipment database.

CONSTITUTION PLAZA, Hartford, Connecticut
Servus Corporation
Analysis of additional development potential for this 10 building, 1,500,000 sq.ft. urban office-retail complex. Services including setting up a spreadsheet mathematical model to calculate development potential by evaluating zoning bonus areas for different alternative uses.

Advo System, Inc.
Comprehensive analysis of office facility requirements for 80,000 sq.ft. corporate headquarters. The project included: Programmatic analysis with task space standards, space needs tabulations (requirements compared to existing & future needs), and relationship diagrams; Locational analysis to determine which facilities would go in each of 2 different location; Analysis of facilities alternatives with site analysis and use of scorecard technique; Furniture needs analysis; and Analysis of furniture alternatives. The study was done in conjunction with a real estate consultant.

H. G. Partners
Complete building assessment of existing 75,000 sq.ft. building for conversion from light industrial use to office use. The project was done in conjunction with structural and mechanical/electrical engineers.

Robert Sheridan & Partners
Master Plan and various facility analysis projects for expansion and renovation of existing 200,000 sq.ft. office and industrial complex. The master plan included a site assessment and zoning analysis, development of alternative development schemes, and design studies for proposed improvements. The facilities analysis projects included a feasibility study of development of the ground floor and a detailed budget analysis for phased development of the project.

KAISER PERMANENTE, Amherst Massachusetts
Kaiser Permanente
Building assessment analysis for existing 28,000 sq.ft. existing building, including condition of materials and systems, value, useable life and suitability for use as medical offices.

KAISER PERMANENTE, Northampton, Massachusetts
Kaiser Permanente
Facilities analysis services for expansion and renovation of 25,000 sq.ft. medical office. Services included: Site & zoning analysis; Space programming; and Development of facility alternatives and evaluation with scorecard technique.

251-255 ASYLUM STREET RENOVATION, Hartford, Connecticut
Keith Corporation
Feasibility analysis for proposed $7,000,000 renovation and expansion of downtown Hartford office building. Services included code analysis, development of alternative development schemes, and complete financial pro forma analysis of each scheme.

Lindberg & Ripple
Facilities analysis services for relocation of 5,000 sq.ft. office for financial planning firm. Services included: Space programming; Analysis of facilities options, including comparison of "tenant occupancy costs"; and Furniture needs analysis.

PARK VIEW BUILDING, Charlotte, North Carolina
Cambridge Associates
Facilities analysis services for renovation of existing 130,000 sq.ft. office building in Charlotte, North Carolina. Services included development of alternative improvement renovation schemes and evaluation with scorecard technique.

ONE LAKE STREET, New Britain, Connecticut
H. G. Partners
Building assessment for 50,000 sq.ft., 5-building office complex.

Asylum Hill Organizing Project
Facilities analysis services for a proposed 12,000 sq.ft. neighborhood community center facility. Services included: Space programming; Development of site and facility alternatives; Budget analysis with operating cost comparisons; Evaluation of alternatives with scorecard technique.

RICHARDSON MALL, Hartford, Connecticut
Development Control Corporation
Development plan for improvements for a 110,000 sq.ft. retail mall. Services included assessment of existing problems and objectives and development of alternative improvement schemes with budget analysis of each scheme.

RRR Investments
Space programming services for new 55,000 sq.ft. tenant office including space tabulation, stacking analysis, and affinity matrix.

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