Here is the latest news about Ambrose Design Group and web site revisions.  This web site is designed for easy additions and revisions, and we plan to update it frequently. If you would like to notified by E-mail when our web site is revised, just let us know with the Contact Us form.
We recently moved our offices to 99 Pratt Street, an historic building on a quaint, brick-paved historic street in downtown Hartford.  The building has a great location, many amenities, and excellent property management, and we have more space for our extensive library.  So we are very pleased with the move.
Web Site Revisions
  • We added a Postscript to the Viewpoint on Designing a Web Site, with some of our observations after working with the web site for a couple of months.
  • We added a Viewpoints Research Report called Ceiling Plenum Acoustical Dilemma with our findings on one of the most important issues in interior design, acoustical privacy.
  • We added a photograph of the unique project we did to restore the historic plant buildings for the Dexter Corporation Nonwovens Division.
  • We added a photograph of the unique "Creativity Center" in the large interior design project we recently did for the PRT Group Hartford Development Center.
We Recently Completed 2 Major Office Interiors Projects

We recently completed the J & H Marsh & McLennan interior at the One State Street and the CBIA (Connecticut Business & Industry Association) interiors at Metro Center.  The links will take you to photos of the reception areas, and from there you can access brief descriptions in the project lists.  They were both multi-floor offices in downtown Hartford high-rise buildings, and our services in each case included selecting all new furniture and finishes.

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