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We believe every architectural and interior design firm should have a clear, strong design philosophy, and should articulate that philosophy to clients to avoid misunderstandings about what the client will get from the firm.  Our designs are:
  • Systematic, Rational-- With a functional basis for all design decisions and an ability to communicate to the client the logic and process of the design decisions.
  • Humanistic-- With scale, texture, color and forms utilized in a way that helps people feel comfortable and enjoy their environment.
  • Contextual-- With each project integrated both functionally and aesthetically with its surroundings, not designed as a separate monument to itself.
  • Innovative-- With design features, technical ideas, and project management techniques developed from a fresh look at project  requirements.

Our design philosophy is more that just words.  It is integral to all of our projects and activities.  As a result:

  • We don't have a "favorite style" (See Architects Without A Style Newsletter).  We believe the design should derive naturally from the project needs and context.
  • We believe that design should never be arbitrary, never done just "for the fun of it" or just "to be different".  There should be a logic and purpose behind every aspect of a design.  It is a variation of the idea that "form should follow function".

Integration of Architecture and Interior Design-- Office interiors require expertise in interior design aspects such as finishes and furniture, as well as architectural aspects such as emergency systems, air conditioning, and acoustical partition construction. We are committed to the integration of interior design and architecture, with a staff that is evenly balanced in training and experience.  One without the other is not enough.

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