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Ambrose Design Group is a small architectural and interior design firm located in the historic 750 Main Street Building in downtown Hartford, Connecticut.  This web site is more than just pretty pictures and project lists.  It tells you who we are, our philosophy regarding design, and our viewpoints on many relevant areas of interest.
News Here is the latest news about Ambrose Design Group and information on recent web site revisions.  We plan to update this web site frequently.   
Viewpoints We believe strongly in the value of communicating and sharing information and ideas.  This is where that happens.  Contribute your own viewpoints with the Viewpoints Exchange.
Firm Information Before you retain any design firm, you should know who they are and what they stand for.  So here are staff resumes and statements of the firm's operating and design philosophies.
Services Here are the usual lists of services and project types.  But you will also find descriptions of some of our unique capabilities and experience.
Projects The usual lists of recent and current projects.  This is also the place where project team members can access information on current projects.
Photos The usual pretty pictures.
Contact Us Please send us your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, requests for more information, and expressions of interest in our services.

Ambrose Design Group, Inc., 99 Pratt Street, Hartford, CT 06103
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